swiming pool

Another great day
i finaly had the chance to see thea and chloe at the naas swiming pool for 2 hours of laugh, fun, splashes as every normal parent shall do with his daughters in fact Laugh

Monsieur le Judge, thanks for your decision, that did allow me to see girls yesterday and today ! just for that i thank you, merci monsieur Happy
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thea, chloe and daddy together !!

thanks to whatever, but thanks

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You will find some vidéo on the ... video section (amazing no ? )
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Théa et Chloé

this website is now maintained mainly to have contacts with my children thea and chloé.

Théa and chloé are my two lovely daugthers.
they are french as me (you will see it soon by the way i write english Laugh )

Because of a very slow justice who did not yet worked on the file and a french mum that ... anyway ...

i saw them 4 times 4 hours since july 2008

i miss them badly and created this website to maintain a link

théa & Chloé je vous aime.